Eating BBQ With The Special Barbecue Sauce!

Unique Barbecue Sauce: Making Our Grill Special

This is definitely no secret: In order for a business to succeed, it must have its own identity. A business must have a defining product that they can call their own, and their reputation will build around that. It’s something that businesses should know, but others do not consider it as a factor. In our business, it’s the barbecue sauce, and I take pride in adding that up to our ihaw-ihaw.

Ever wonder why Jollibee is more famous than McDonalds in the Philippines? Kids love their burgers and fried chicken. Jollibee’s burgers have a different taste to it when you take a bite, and their chicken definitely has crunchier skin. It’s their signature creation, the same as KFC’s 11 herbs and spices.

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The Elderly Couple

Micro Business 2nd Take: The Grill Sizzles

It took as a good few months before we could tackle our next venture to micro business. The timing was not right. We officially closed down our breakfast business around mid-September, 2015. Christmas is nearing, so we just planned to re-visit the business venture by 2016. We now know the stress of putting up a business, at the break of sunlight that is. And while we did lose in that first business venture, I think we learned a few things: People despite being cheap, still want quality food, and most of our customers buy by the bunch.

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