BBQ Business

BBQ Business Growth: A New Grill

What my in-laws did, leaving us after all the plans we’ve made, left us in shambles. But, we have to move on, press forward and still find a way to work things out. We cannot stop our BBQ business now, as soon as we just re-opened.

I previously talked about providing a separate capital for my in-laws, a separate business that would help all of us in the long run. Since they left, this saved up money will have no other place to go. A blessing in disguise, we have been discussing for days that we should have a new grill for the business. I wanted to have a new grill to make the business more presentable, not to mention one that would be able to handle multiple skewers at the same time. We now have some money to spare, so instead of just keeping it, we decided to invest some of it more on the BBQ business.

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The Elderly Couple

Micro Business 2nd Take: The Grill Sizzles

It took as a good few months before we could tackle our next venture to micro business. The timing was not right. We officially closed down our breakfast business around mid-September, 2015. Christmas is nearing, so we just planned to re-visit the business venture by 2016. We now know the stress of putting up a business, at the break of sunlight that is. And while we did lose in that first business venture, I think we learned a few things: People despite being cheap, still want quality food, and most of our customers buy by the bunch.

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