The Sisters

Small Business Plan: Troubles Ahoy!

Our small business plan hit a snag, a terrible snag.

We’ve done everything we could do to fully launch a proper, small scale business. We researched hard and well for these plans. I already compromised a good chunk of my daily budget just to finance our business. Above and beyond too, as I spent extra just to have an extra hand in getting the business running smoothly. Apparently, that seems to be not enough.

The In-Laws Wanted To Leave

My brother-in-law’s sibling somewhere in Batangas, asked him to visit. My in-laws were initially concerned about their debt in Bohol, in which his sibling called in and said would like him to work in Batangas to pay off.

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The Kids

Struggles in The Beginning Chapter

Considering our standing in our everyday lives, we as a family are, in all honesty, living in the balance. We rent an apartment unit in the middle of the city. While we do have a couple of properties in the capital region – one is a subdivision unit, already fully paid and the other, a piece of land in a hard to access location – we still decided to stay in this apartment because of a few main reasons:

  1. I used to study in a school near Taft. In those properties, daily commute to school will be a drag.
  2. My mother used to work in Makati, and like me, had problems commuting to work
  3. Work-life balance is typically non-existent for us in there. I had to travel a few hours just to meet friends, and I cannot stay long because of the commute back.

The apartment we are renting currently is just in the right standards. It’s easily accessible, hospitals are quite near, and the street has a lot of foot traffic. Drawbacks, rent is high, and the area was flood prone – but is resolved now since a pumping station was built.

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