business plan

Business Plans: The Potential to Work It All on My Own

We received some news. Mom will take a vacation to my aunt in Canada, for 6 months. This is some news indeed; I will be able to plan well with the business without anyone interfering. It’s not to say that my mother loves to interfere. She is great, and I love her. It is just that my tactic in business goes well against to what she has in mind. I believe it is time to go on a full takeover of the whole business instead, and put myself on the helm. That way, no one would say otherwise and push their ideas to what my business plans are overall. And besides, this time around, I will be the one investing on it. Whatever happens to the business, it will be for me to bear.

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Every Peso Counts

Micro Investing Your Business: What Not To Do

This is a very good lesson for all start-ups out there. One thing I learned most through numerous readings of success stories, and the common mistake of Philippine micro-businesses, is that to never mix in micro investing your business to personal finance. As a start-up, indeed, your aspiration is to make your business big that it could already fulfill your dreams. However, to get to that, you should keep in mind that you will not earn money whatsoever, not while you are trying to grow your business.

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breakfast business stall

Breakfast Business: A Good Idea?

The breakfast business is a good place to start. We need a lot of things just to get it running. First, a separate stove to monitor gas usage, a totally separate kitchen in fact. Then, we need tables to display the food and another table for those who want to eat on the spot. Relatively small, but we can work it out as we see good potential.

Preparing to Start Off

Our initial capital is 15,000PHP. Quite big if you think about it, but we are starting from scratch, making all the expenses going to materials we need. We went to Divisoria to save up with the costs, brought 2 tables, utensils, plates, and a huge umbrella for cover. We have a good amount to spare for food inventory, including an extra to handle a few months of regular costs like gas. It definitely is not much, but most of them are good enough for starting up.

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