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Business How-To: DTI Business Registration

As I noted previously, I am taking our bbq business seriously. To protect our business, I have to take small steps to make things happen. Those include having a real business name, and also try to protect that name via a DTI Business Registration. Those are not all of the steps, but eventually I must make a move to start. Our ihaw-ihaw stand is doing well. Protecting our business is my priority here, and with the stiff competition, I’d say rightfully so.

As we’ve already come up with a name for our business, Babayu Grilled Skewers, I have to ensure that once we post them as our name, no other business would try to copy our name, at least within the city. Furthermore, it would be a best move to let everybody know that the name is legal, with papers, so no one would contest it. The only course of action is to register the business name under me, and legally thru DTI.

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Business Planning and Uncontrolled Circumstances

It’s January, 2017. The elderly couple – the ones that stood their own barbecue stand in front of our apartment – seem to have stopped selling. That’s good now; we think we will no longer have problems on business planning. Of course, we do not want to directly compete with the couple, we respect them so we do not bug them on when will they leave or will they just stay. It’s been weeks since they last opened, and seem to longer be back. I think opportunity is really giving us our way!

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