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Ihaw Ihaw: The Soft Launch!

Of course there is a soft launch! We’ve been to the business before, and we know we already got quite a few regulars. It is still important though to perform a soft launch to test if our old regulars will come back, and what would the feedback be upon returning.

There will be no accounting, stocks at the minimum, and just basically trying out the business once again.

Checking Our Regulars If They Are Aware

The good thing about this street is that when you have regular customers, once you roll down your stand’s roof and they notice it, they will immediately ask “are you going to open shop?” Of course, it is our soft launch, and people noticed right away.

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business plan

Business Plans: The Potential to Work It All on My Own

We received some news. Mom will take a vacation to my aunt in Canada, for 6 months. This is some news indeed; I will be able to plan well with the business without anyone interfering. It’s not to say that my mother loves to interfere. She is great, and I love her. It is just that my tactic in business goes well against to what she has in mind. I believe it is time to go on a full takeover of the whole business instead, and put myself on the helm. That way, no one would say otherwise and push their ideas to what my business plans are overall. And besides, this time around, I will be the one investing on it. Whatever happens to the business, it will be for me to bear.

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The Elderly Couple

Micro Business 2nd Take: The Grill Sizzles

It took as a good few months before we could tackle our next venture to micro business. The timing was not right. We officially closed down our breakfast business around mid-September, 2015. Christmas is nearing, so we just planned to re-visit the business venture by 2016. We now know the stress of putting up a business, at the break of sunlight that is. And while we did lose in that first business venture, I think we learned a few things: People despite being cheap, still want quality food, and most of our customers buy by the bunch.

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