Micro Pinoy: The Story

About Erik

2005 was when I became a father of a wonderful young boy. At an early age of 21, reality struck hard on my life. Without fully completing my college education, I ventured myself towards corporate life, competing against other applicants just to provide for my wife and my first kid.

Our Family

Back in those days, youngsters who have jobs call themselves “yuppies” signifying a life of being young and able to provide for their own. I however, may not call myself as such, as every Peso I earned has to be for my family. It was quite difficult though, being so young and active, yet already working not just for myself. I jumped from job to job, searching for a perfect career, I merely last 3 months to some of the jobs I worked for. I did however find my calling, in the games industry.

I worked as a Game Master for 3 companies, 2 of them I lasted for more than a year. However, despite my joy in working in such companies, company issues arise, and realizing how unstable the industry is lead to company closures. From then on, I again started to drift, hopefully to be able to find another career that would suit me best, until I became a community manager for a leading B2B community in the UK.

I have been working for the company for 5 years now, and with that, I learned a lot in the business field.


The Calling of Business

At some point in your life, you would feel like you have worked enough. You would begin to ask yourself “Is this the only thing I will do for the rest of my life?” This is not of course, to say that I hate my job. I love it, as a matter of fact, but something else is missing. I need to grow.

I dream of not forever being a corporate slave. I want something more; I want to explore other areas that I may be good at. Being in a business community helps a lot and I want to apply it myself. Perhaps, this could turn out to be more than my current job. Perhaps, I could make this big. All that is left is to actually do it.



About Micro Pinoy

Micro Pinoy is, first and foremost, a documented journey. I and my family will be exploring the world of micro business and micro-entrepreneurship, and I would like to take note of our whole journey. That way, no matter what the odds, we would be able to look back at our venture. Should we succeed, this blog will prove to everyone that succeeding is possible. I also hope that readers would be inspired by the story this blog will provide, especially those who plan small but dream big. I hope that everyone can learn a thing or 2 as well while you join us in our journey.