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Business How-To: DTI Business Registration

As I noted previously, I am taking our bbq business seriously. To protect our business, I have to take small steps to make things happen. Those include having a real business name, and also try to protect that name via a DTI Business Registration. Those are not all of the steps, but eventually I must make a move to start. Our ihaw-ihaw stand is doing well. Protecting our business is my priority here, and with the stiff competition, I’d say rightfully so.

As we’ve already come up with a name for our business, Babayu Grilled Skewers, I have to ensure that once we post them as our name, no other business would try to copy our name, at least within the city. Furthermore, it would be a best move to let everybody know that the name is legal, with papers, so no one would contest it. The only course of action is to register the business name under me, and legally thru DTI.

Thankfully the name registration process is easier now due to the online option. Likely anyone who would start a business would look up as to how to do it online, so let this little site of ours help you out with the whole process.


DTI Business Registration: What You Need

First things first, let us enumerate the things you need to do all of these things to lessen the hassle of doing it online. Should you be able to prepare everything, you could have your business name registered and document downloaded in just a few minutes – it’s that fast.

  1. A Business Name – Oh yes, it’s pointless to register without planning for a name first. You have to take note that DTI has rules on coming up with a business name. Make sure that your planned business name complies with DTI’s rules to avoid issues. It is also best to make your business name as specific or as unique as possible. Best to compare your planned name first within DTI’s Name Search and see if there is no match to the name of your choice.
  2. Valid IDs – While not necessarily required, it is always a good idea to have a valid ID handy. A TIN number field will show up in the registration, but is not needed to be filled up.
  3. GCash Account – At the moment, GCash is the best option to pay for your registration. DTI will give you 5 days to fulfill the payment, but it’s better to finish all of these in a few hours. Use your own Globe mobile number, and load it up with the amount you need – depending on the territorial scope you need – + PHP 15.00 for documentary stamp tax. The breakdown of territorial scope prices are as follows:
  • Barangay PHP 200.00
  • City / MunicipalityPHP 500.00
  • RegionalPHP 1,000.00
  • National PHP 2,000.00

In our case, on a city-wide scope, we prepared PHP 515.00 to cover the whole registration. Steps into creating a Gcash account and adding money can be found in Globe’s FAQ.


Registering Your Business Name

Now that everything’s set, head on to DTI Business Registration Page Here and read the terms. Make sure you agree to DTI’s terms and that you comply with all the conditions set by the department. Clicking on I agree, you should end up on a page looking like this:

DTI Business Registration 01

This is where the fun part comes in. Determine the scope you would like your business to cover, whether it’s Barangay, City, Regional or National, and determine the Region, City, and Barangay you are targeting in the dropdown field. Note that it will depend on your scope. Choosing National will not require you to choose any from the drop down fields, while choosing Barangay will ask you to include the specific Barangay you would like to cover.

As I said, it would be best to prepare for the name first before filling this up. Type in the Business Name you want and Check Availability. If you did so like me, comparing it on Business Name Search first before applying, you should be able to get through this part in just your first try. This is your business, think thoroughly on what you want to name it. Once you are content and the name is available, you should be able to continue upon hitting the check availability button.


Filling Up The Necessary Details

As with your DTI Business Registration, getting past the Check Availability button does not mean your name already passes. This only means that your chosen name is available and DTI still has the rights to cancel the name if the name brings confusion to other business names. By this point you should still be able to use a different name, but if you are confident, then carry on to filling up the details below.

DTI Business Registration 02

This form requires the details of the business owner. See the TIN number field? While not required, it would still be best to fill it up. Your TIN is important as the government could immediately point out who really is the owner, especially if your whole name has a match. Fill up all the necessary details until you reach the bottom part.

DTI Business Registration 03

From this point, you should choose the payment method. Be sure you already have your GCash and the required money loaded up. Do so by choosing the options GCash as mode of payment, and Download as a method of receiving the document.


TRN, Payment, and Certificate Download

Upon hitting submit, you should be able to have your TRN / Transaction Reference Number acknowledgement form as a pdf file. Save this for later and head on to the payment.

DTI Business Registration 04

You should see your business information, along with your TRN and the amount needed to pay to fully register. It’s important that the number you put in that field is the same number loaded with GCash. Clicking on Continue will make the system send you a text message to confirm your payment.

DTI Business Registration Mobile 01

DTI Business Registration Mobile 02


Once completed, you will end up with a confirmation message on the same page. This includes a link to download your receipt and a link to download your certificate.

DTI Business Registration 05


You will be then forwarded to the download certificate page. Fill it up as necessary – including your TRN – to download a digital copy of your fully signed Business Name Certificate!

DTI Business Registration 06

DTI Business Registration 07


Saving copies and printing them are all that’s left to do. In my experience, filling up the form, paying, and downloading the documents took me just a little under 30 minutes. Compared to visiting a DTI Business Registration office, this is more convenient. Getting everything done online as fast as possible though requires some preparation, so do all the necessary preparation first!

With that, we are now fully legal to use the Babakyu Grilled Skewers name. Printing materials should be the next order of business.

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