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Barbecue Business Idea – Thinking Of A Business Name

Another thing that’s often taken for granted by Filipino Micro Entrepreneurs is that no matter how small your business is, it should have a business name. It serves 2 main things:

  1. Having A Name Means You Mean Business – People get the impression that if you do not have a name, means you are not totally serious about your business. They might like your products, but could just forget about you tomorrow. You do not have a presence, and thus your total impact is lost.
  2. Exposure – This is a no brainer. If you are serious in your business, wouldn’t you like people to say your business name? Think about it, people would ask “where did you buy that?” and another will just respond “dun kay ate / kuya… yung ano…” Sounds pretty? You get the point.

It is of course better if someone would know your name right away along with the products you sold. Branding is important, and having a particular name would make your business stand out and be spoken about. It should always be a part of your business idea, and best addressed as soon as possible.


The Name Is A Part of Our Business Idea

In our case, we have planned all along that we need a name for our bbq business. I would like the business to be known one day and have customers speaking about it. I also want the business to be acknowledged legally one day, register it to the government and operate legally. This would also serve as a defense against those who would possibly want to rid of us. If you are a legal business, you could be almost untouchable versus other micro competitors. Regardless of how connections do they have, you could present that you are legal in every way possible, unlike them that just spurted out of the blue.

A business name, even for a micro business, is the first step to it. Registering the name legally will be your key in towards legalization.


How Should a Name be Planned

Unfortunately, through the years, the Department of Trade and Industry already has millions of business names registered in their database. It is important to remember that when you think of a business name, it should comply with DTI’s terms to make it easier for you to apply for registration. That means your name must not be the same, or similar to known brands, must not be purely generic, and definitely must have the same name as other businesses.

business idea - think of a business name!

It helps that your name is not poorly thought of. How many businesses have you seen having the [owner’s name + business type] format? You see that all the time. Juan’s Eatery, Nene’s Carinderia, Bogart Store, they are all the same. Just passed on to say they have a name, yet does not provide an impact. I think that would not help much on making a name for ourselves. We have to be unique and sound catchy at the same time.


Thinking of a Name Is Not Easy

It is quite difficult to come up with a business name for our bbq business. I did some research on some terms used for the business itself. BBQ, Isaw, Ihawan, even english terms like skewers. These are generic terms, but would at least give me an idea what to actually name the business.

I even resorted to asking friends on what could be a good name. A good friend told me about “Skew You”, although I do not think it will fare well to DTI and our customers. Funny, yes, but I don’t think it will pass.

I checked numerous names, cross-checking them with DTI’s BN Search to make sure that my name really is unique. A lot of names are already registered under the barbecue business, which made it harder. Little did I know though, that the perfect business name would come from my daughter.


The Perfect Business Name for Us

Back when my little girl is around 3 years old, my daughter would speak of barbecue as “babakyu”. It was when the elderly couple were still the ones selling them in our area, as Marge and the little one would always go there to buy barbecue. That of course, made me think. Babakyu is typically a child’s term, especially when the child cannot speak well yet. Kids were the ones who first discovered our barbecue, and helped further our discoveries with our bbq sauce. It’s also quite catchy, as once you speak “babakyu”, it plays like a pun of barbecue itself. That’s settled; I used that name and come up with a design to work it on a logo.

Babakyu Logo

We cannot use that single term as a business name by itself of course, we have to add to it. I looked back as to what our business wants to be. We want to offer different kinds of “tinuhog” and “inihaw” goods to customers, filling up our lineup with regular ihaw ihaw food that you see, along with new variants that could entice the masses. Skewer is the main term for it, and obviously, we grill them. The most logical thing would then be to name our business as “Babakyu Grilled Skewers”.


Marge and I both agreed with the name. Our business will go with that name, Babakyu for short. I prepared everything, from the logo, printing needs and signs. All we have to do now is to register it before make it publicly known. That’s step 2 in our business idea done, we still got a long way to go.


*As of this writing, the business name has already been registered with the DTI. You could find our registration here.

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