Eating BBQ With The Special Barbecue Sauce!

Unique Barbecue Sauce: Making Our Grill Special

This is definitely no secret: In order for a business to succeed, it must have its own identity. A business must have a defining product that they can call their own, and their reputation will build around that. It’s something that businesses should know, but others do not consider it as a factor. In our business, it’s the barbecue sauce, and I take pride in adding that up to our ihaw-ihaw.

Ever wonder why Jollibee is more famous than McDonalds in the Philippines? Kids love their burgers and fried chicken. Jollibee’s burgers have a different taste to it when you take a bite, and their chicken definitely has crunchier skin. It’s their signature creation, the same as KFC’s 11 herbs and spices.

The same thing applies to small businesses. Ever wondered why you cling so much to your favorite kwek-kwek stall? The secret lies within their vinegar dip. They have been making these mixtures for years, and thus created a vinegar dip that they believe would be enjoyable for customers.


Barbecue Sauce Makes It All Different

The Secret Sauce


Barbecue should always have a sauce that would enhance its taste, and many offer that. I noticed that a lot of bbq sellers, especially in our street, provide the same: barbecue, and a vinegar dip. That’s the basic of all for a micro business, which should we say a very common way of starting up a bbq business.

We of course, do not want that. So upon entering the bbq scene, we almost immediately started with a “special sauce” of our own. Thus, customers, and even a couple of competitors, are curious as to why people start to shift towards our own stand rather than others.


How Was The Sauce Invented?

I will not divulge of course the secret to our own barbecue sauce, but of course, the method as to how we got that formulated. There is only one word that would describe on how to do it: Research.

In our case, it’s both research and experiment. I broadly discussed this in a previous article, but in truth, it’s just as simple as that. It does sound easy, but brewing the perfect formula for you to come up with the perfect taste for your business is a pain.

Eating BBQ With The Special Barbecue Sauce!

Do some research for a good sauce via Google. That bit is quite easy; you will come across tons of them. The easiest way out of this is to of course, get a recipe and copy what is written. You have to take note however that the possibility that others might see this as well is high. The best, yet hard bit is to get a few recipes, brew out what would be the best for your taste, and try to work out a different style on that particular sauce.

Coming up a sauce of your own will give it a unique flavor for your business. It could come at a cost, experimenting on the best one for you, which is a warning. I spent quite some money spending on ingredients and meat to test the sauce on. Do take note though, that all those expenditures could come back as income due to a very niche flavor only you have.


Work On What’s Available On The Market, Not Use Them

For barbecue sauce, there are a lot of brands that offer pre-made ones. You get to see them mostly in supermarkets for sure. While you can use them as is, I strongly suggest to just tweak it. These pre-made ones are available for everyone – millions of people have access to it. Add something more to the pre-made sauce that would make it taste different and special.

I did not rely on these, especially as I am working on a strict budget. That part is important; the sauce should be justifiable enough that the whole business would be able to cover the expenditures made on ingredients. Should I rely on a pre-made barbecue sauce, it would be more expensive, eating up on my income. Whereas coming up on my own, I could spend the same amount for a month’s supply! Just consider your options, the sauce should then pay for itself.


There are definitely a lot of methods out there to get the perfect sauce you are craving for. We honestly have no expectations when we did our own sauce, just fully experimented on the process. It paid off, we got quite a few regulars now with others wanting us to add more to our inihaw lineup. Our sales might not be going far off for now, but the people are noticing the difference in taste. Imagine taking this on a bigger stage?

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