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Small Business Plan: Troubles Ahoy!

Our small business plan hit a snag, a terrible snag.

We’ve done everything we could do to fully launch a proper, small scale business. We researched hard and well for these plans. I already compromised a good chunk of my daily budget just to finance our business. Above and beyond too, as I spent extra just to have an extra hand in getting the business running smoothly. Apparently, that seems to be not enough.


The In-Laws Wanted To Leave

My brother-in-law’s sibling somewhere in Batangas, asked him to visit. My in-laws were initially concerned about their debt in Bohol, in which his sibling called in and said would like him to work in Batangas to pay off.

He was so concerned about that, he forgot that I told them that I would be the one to pay off that debt, for free. The couple still wants to go despite my clarification. I do not want to stop them; it’s been years since they saw each other. I let them go, however, told them that they should be back the day after. It compromises our small business plan, and it’s not good that we are declaring an official re-opening yet we cannot sustain it.

We sacrificed, not opening shop on the 2nd day of launch, just to wait for them. Thankfully they went back. I asked them if there are other problems that we need to settle, my brother-in-law said “no more”. I thought this was all over and we can move on to real business.


Something Was Not Right…

The next day, we again started focusing on getting the 2nd business up – selling dinner food. I wanted to discuss this with the couple. Both I and Marge have planned this over and over again since January, and we would like to give them a business of their own here in hopes that it would also go well.

Something is of, however. Every time I discuss this with my brother-in-law, he keeps on saying “people here really love the barbecue business; we should work on that for the meantime”. Not being rude, but the business is for their sake. The barbecue business only needs 2 things: going to the market, and an extra hand to prepare. One person can do both, in fact! The other person could start managing a second business to keep busy. They have seen how systematic can this be. Initially, I thought that the reason why my brother in law keeps on dodging the second business talk is because of lack of confidence. I thought of just giving him time.


The Big Reveal of the Masterplan

It was the 5th day since our official launch, a Friday. Both I and Marge, being night owls, went upstairs late around 3:00 AM. We never thought anything will happen really, until around 10:00 AM, Marge woke me up.

The couple was gone.

They just left. Worse, they have all their belongings, even their radio they brought from Bohol. What’s left is my brother in law’s red mug, likely forgotten for leaving in a hurry. It seems they really made the timing right; my dad went downstairs by around 5:00 AM. They were already long gone before that. Dad first thought they went to the market, but funnily enough still did not come back until Marge woke up.

small business - mug

We knew straight away, that with their belongings, they don’t have plans to come back at least for a while. Marge, being the blood relative, was so upset of what happened. I was only concerned on what to do next.  The plans we built with them in mind were just thrown. Marge even has full confidence on them yet they tarnished the trust we gave them.

We saw a letter, tuck somewhere in the house, coming from them. They said that they are going back to Bohol just to fix my sister in law’s pension and ask for our forgiveness for the sudden move. I did not buy it. This is Manila, you can find ways to fix anything here, even pension. We are sure though that they went to Batangas, to his sibling, and decided to just stay there.


Time To Rethink The Small Business Plan

It’s a pain really, having to plan all. And with just a single move, everything comes crashing down. Marge was emotionally stressed; I have to find ways to compensate for the matter. It was fine for me to lose the money we used to get them here, also buying my sister in law a phone, and everything else. I just have to swallow the burn and move on.

After such, the both of us talked as to how to work this business with just the 2 of us. With this debacle, I am no longer trusting of other people, relative or not, when it comes to business. Should you want to do business good, do them yourself. Some people always choose the easiest way out, and if you want to work on the hard part, they will leave you hanging. From this, we decided to just work the business ourselves.

A couple of days after, Marge sent a text message to the couple. She said to no longer pay for what we spent on them, but to never return here. Sad ending for a dream of bringing the sisters together.


The Sisters

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