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BBQ Business Growth: A New Grill

What my in-laws did, leaving us after all the plans we’ve made, left us in shambles. But, we have to move on, press forward and still find a way to work things out. We cannot stop our BBQ business now, as soon as we just re-opened.

I previously talked about providing a separate capital for my in-laws, a separate business that would help all of us in the long run. Since they left, this saved up money will have no other place to go. A blessing in disguise, we have been discussing for days that we should have a new grill for the business. I wanted to have a new grill to make the business more presentable, not to mention one that would be able to handle multiple skewers at the same time. We now have some money to spare, so instead of just keeping it, we decided to invest some of it more on the BBQ business.


A New Grill for Our BBQ Business

It’s not that easy to find a grill that would suit your needs. Most grills sold are just mass-produced, too small, or just too big. A grill that would be used for business must be made depending on the requirements of the one who will use it. So, we figured out asking a few metal workshops in the city if they can custom build 1 for us.

Apparently, this was not the wisest choice. We handed out the specifics we would like for our ihawan, and the shop we talked to was asking for a custom price for it as well (by custom, I mean 3,800 Pesos custom). That’s way too much we could shell out right now, especially if we are still in our early days of the business.

Thankfully enough, we found a better alternative. Checked out OLX, saw one that seems okay for us – at a price much more comfortable for us – and ordered.

The New Grill

It’s not the same as what we initially wanted for a grill but it’s a start. We figured, if we were planning to be bigger in the next few months, we will just get a bigger grill. This will just suit well for the meantime.


Excitement over The New Grill

Do you know that feeling when you see that your dream is slowly being built? Excitement, anxiety, and other mixed emotions at the same time? That’s what we felt upon seeing this new grill for the BBQ business. I can feel that this would help us out a lot, even would make the business more serious than ever. Impression is what we aim for here, the more presentable the grill is, the more appeal you get from potential customers. And what an impression it indeed got.

BBQ Business

As soon as we set-up with the new ihawan, everyone immediately took notice. ‘Wow, that’s a nice grill’ was the phrase of the day, with everyone, even some of our competitors taking note of the big change.

It certainly made an impression, and it indeed showed appeal! Our stocks got sold out that very first day! I think customers got impressed with how present the business, which helped out a lot. It makes the whole business cleaner, and with the food business, “clean” definitely is a plus. That means a new lesson learned: In business, impressions matter. Be presentable to them, and they will come.

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