Barbecue Business Heating Up!

Barbecue Business Soft Launch Findings

In the previous article, I talked about the first soft launch day of our re-opened barbecue business. Take note that the soft launch started February 23rd, Thursday. We planned on doing 3 soft launch days then collect our data, then officially open February 27.


The Barbecue Business Plan Went Great!

Our soft launch was excellent! For 3 days, we roughly calculated a total of 700PHP net income. That’s a great weekend if you ask me. I believe it is just a fluke though. People might just have missed our skewers and with the hype, bought a lot more than usual. Our 3 days of sale are mostly sell outs, with very little stocks left.

Both my sister and brother in law have to go to the market each morning just to buy stocks as we always get run out, and back again with the preparing the skewers before we open. Our usual stocks are still the best sellers, but the Adidas and Helmet are not doing really fine. We could, just order fewer stocks moving forward, as the demand for them are very low, but I believe we might be just wasting effort and money selling just a few each day.

New people are also noticing the business, and we get to see new faces buying. That is the main goal, get back the regulars, and try to gain new ones. Our regulars will surely go back each day, but we want the new ones to be regulars as well, or that they hopefully spread the word out.

Barbecue Business Heating Up!

Additional Plans upon Re-opening

We of course, do not want to just stay with the usual inventory we have. Marge and I planned that in order for us to make this big, we should be able to offer new products in our lineup. We’ve made a list on how we will do it. Every week we plan on adding new stuff in our barbecue business, research well what food items will best work out in our market. It is expected that this will be a hit-or-miss project: if one product fails, disregard it. If it sells, we keep them as a main addition. Research will be our main thing here, research more and more about good things to grill. But we have to be cautious too with the pricing, as skewers going over 15.00 PHP will likely be too much for our customers, unless the product justifies its worth.

Summer is also around the corner, so we are already planning on having another juice variant. Our calamansi juice is praised by those who taste them, so we plan on adding more variants to give customers options. The capital with juices is minimal, as long as you play ingredients right. It will be a perfect match too. Ihaw ihaw is great during summer, and nothing matches it well but a cold fruity beverage.

I believe we’re ready for an official re-opening, feeling really positive because of our soft launch results. I just hope it would continue on moving forward.

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