Our Ihaw Ihaw Best Sellers

Ihaw Ihaw: The Soft Launch!

Of course there is a soft launch! We’ve been to the business before, and we know we already got quite a few regulars. It is still important though to perform a soft launch to test if our old regulars will come back, and what would the feedback be upon returning.

There will be no accounting, stocks at the minimum, and just basically trying out the business once again.


Checking Our Regulars If They Are Aware

The good thing about this street is that when you have regular customers, once you roll down your stand’s roof and they notice it, they will immediately ask “are you going to open shop?” Of course, it is our soft launch, and people noticed right away.

Some of the regulars were smiling, seeing us setting up shop. Taking out the tables, the food trays, and heating up the grill. As soon as the grill was ready, a few customers immediately ordered Betamax (congealed pork or chicken blood cut in small rectangles).

The biggest marketing tactic of an ihaw ihaw stand is the smoke. As soon as the smoke rushes out of the grill, people will notice. Competitors will notice too: the bigger the smoke, the hotter the store. With that, some of our regulars rushed in, even kids. The kids love our special sauce, and they order 1 stick of anything; whether betamax or isaw, just for us to smother it with the special sauce.


Trying New Stocks with Adidas and Helmet

Some of you might now that a regular ihaw ihaw includes Adidas (chicken feet) and Helmet (chicken head). Well not us, as we are unsure how to grill them properly. We would like to try it though, since there could be a chance that people will also buy them.


Our Ihaw Ihaw Best Sellers


Good thing my brother in law is here to save the day. He knows how to grill them, and the best way to get the helmet cooked. My Brother in law told us that in Bohol, the head is already cut in half to make sure that the insides will be grilled well. He did it in our end and so we have both feet and head included in our lineup. This lineup now consists of the following:

  1. Isaw Manok (chicken intestines)
  2. Betamax / Dugo (congealed chicken blood)
  3. Barbecue (pork meat skewers)
  4. Hotdogs, both regular and jumbo sizes
  5. Balat (pork skin)
  6. Adidas (chicken feet)
  7. Helmet (chicken head)
  8. Calamansi Juice


How was the First Day of Ihaw Ihaw?

Our first day of soft launch went really great! Our betamax, isaw, and barbecue all got sold out! Not a lot of people came in, but like before, they buy them in 3’s or 4’s. You could get 4 sticks of isaw anyway for just 20 pesos, not a bad deal if you ask me.

Pork skin is a delicacy too among people. Some buy them for dinner, others as a snack while drinking (pulutan). Hotdogs are always a hit or miss, depending on kids really. Some save up their allowances and can buy hotdogs; others just resort to the usual isaw.

Pork Barbecue is of course, what we promote best. We are selling them at the cheapest price point in the area (15 pesos), and we have a sauce that we smother it with to give it a different twist. One regular, knowing of our sauce, ordered 8 barbecue sticks immediately as dinner alone.

Overall we did well on our first day. What’s important is that people already know we’re back in business and will be here for good.

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