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Business Plans: The Potential to Work It All on My Own

We received some news. Mom will take a vacation to my aunt in Canada, for 6 months. This is some news indeed; I will be able to plan well with the business without anyone interfering. It’s not to say that my mother loves to interfere. She is great, and I love her. It is just that my tactic in business goes well against to what she has in mind. I believe it is time to go on a full takeover of the whole business instead, and put myself on the helm. That way, no one would say otherwise and push their ideas to what my business plans are overall. And besides, this time around, I will be the one investing on it. Whatever happens to the business, it will be for me to bear.

There is one problem, however. Since I have a regular job, I cannot commit myself to the business 100%. Sure, Marge can cover being the person in front of the business – and rightfully so, she’s a better PR person than I am, knows how to make rapport with customers, and is just great as the face of the business. I could help out with the backside of the business, a few helps in preparing, setting up, I could be called upon each time there is heavy traffic of orders, and do the accounting and money management after each night.

What we lack however, is some help in all the preparation. Someone who will frequent to the market to purchase stocks, then help prepare before the store opens. Another thing is, despite the kids already big enough, we still need someone to look out for them. Our youngest is already going to school, but she needs someone to take her and pick her up. The eldest is fine with going to school alone, but what he needs is breakfast. Typically minimal help with the kids, and of course, a little help with the business.


Figuring Out a Solution

Luckily, we figured out a solution. Marge has a sister in the province, living with her husband. Apparently, they are both not living well in the province, and they just live day by day doing chores for my brother in law’s sibling. We figured that if we could bring them here, it would be of great help to us. Of course, that’s not just the deal. Sure enough, I won’t be able to pay for their services. Especially since once we re-open for business, there won’t be much of an income yet. However, what I heard is that my brother in law is great in cooking. What if, instead of giving them pay, I’ll instead offer them the opportunity to run their own business in here as well? They won’t need to have issues with starting capital, as I’ll provide it to them.


business plan

Business Plans go a long way, since the time of our ancestors!

We have have most of the things needed here to start a food business, from a secondary stove, to utensils. Everything’s already provided at their disposal, and they just need to plan and manage it. As for personal matters, like personal supplies at home, I could provide them easily and cut it on my own budget. I think it’s a fine sacrifice for me; I just want to make sure they do business, and do both businesses well. Sure, they might not have an income early on, but once their businesses grow, so do us! It’s a good offer, so we gave them a call and see what they think of the idea.

We got the chance to talk to them. Apparently, they were just borrowing a mobile phone to contact us. Marge talked to my brother in law, which he agreed that it is indeed a good opportunity. There’s nothing to lose anyway, we will provide everything for them, including their fare to get here. They are not doing any significant work in there as well, and just live day to day, might as well give it a shot here! They agreed, and started to prepare. We sent them over a new mobile phone, just to make sure we can contact them easily, and told them to contact us if they get to have a problem before they could leave.


Issues With Getting an Extra Hand

As expected, there was indeed a problem. My brother in law told us that they are still paying off money they loaned from their town cooperative, and said that the cooperative is having fears that they might not pay it back once they left. We have to of course, act fast. We asked them how much was the remaining balance, to which actually was very low. I, just to ensure that they will have no problems moving forward, told them that I will just pay off their debt, but they need to be sure that they will indeed get here. So we told them that if the coop wants to, we could send off the money as soon as they set foot here. Finally it was settled. We got them boat tickets, have a travel allowance ready, and already sent them a phone to contact us.

With all those, I am already spending more than what I was anticipating, just to make sure that our plan will not go to waste. I already spent weeks with no proper food allowance for myself, but as long as the business plans will not get compromised, then so be it. It still is not over though; I still have to save up for capital for the second business. So once they arrive, they could already start planning for that other business without delay.


So the business plans begin. It was December 2016 when we started planning for the re-opening, and adding another on top of it. Trying to figure out what else do we need, preparing for compromises, and our transition from having 1 business to 2. It’s all about planning this time around, and we have to make sure that everything will run smoothly as we can. This is the best opportunity we have, and I will not let this go to waste this time.


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